Executive Interim Management

An immediate need for Directors and C-level experts with the necessary experience and skills; a sudden change in the economic, technical, regulatory and employment environment requiring rapid implementation of major transformations in management, etc. In this type of emergency situation, Executive Interim Management is the most suitable solution.

Based on the solid experience of hundreds of assignments and operational involvement over more than 15 years, Eurosearch & Associés can take immediate control of the situation and put in place a suitable team within just a few days.

With our database of 500 pre-selected and qualified Interim Executive Directors, we can put in place on-site CEOs, Executive Directors and C-level experts with the experience and specialist skills for the specific role and sector, for a period of time and level of work designed exactly to suit your needs. Full oversight is provided by partners who have previous experience as company Directors, and take responsibility for the completion of assignments.

Our assignments:

Eurosearch & Associés obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2003 for its Executive Search and Executive Interim Management activities.


Client case studies

Construction of a manufacturing and logistics center



  • A multi-brand retail group, the world leader in its specialty field
  • €25 billion in revenues
  • 22,000 employees
  • Based in the Netherlands and present in 40 countries. Operating in France for seven years
  • Network of 5,000 stores

To improve the quality and speed of deliveries to its network of stores, the group decided to strengthen its supply chain and build four new manufacturing and logistics centers in Portugal, then Poland, Brazil and the UK, based on the model of the pilot center already operating in France. This strategic project had to be coordinated from France.

Internally, the group did not have all the resources and skills needed to run this project, and did not want to take on a permanent team.

Eurosearch & Associés was asked to find an Interim Executive Director who could manage the project so that the manufacturing and logistics center would make its first deliveries nine months later.

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

Eurosearch & Associés immediately set about selecting the most able person from its database of pre-qualified, available Interim Executive Directors, to fill the role of Project Director at the site in Portugal. A team comprising an Assignment Director in the form of a partner specializing in this type of industrial operation, a partner who specializes in retail and project management, and the Project Director began working four days later, and oversaw the project from start to finish:

  • Project management: we put together the leadership team, budget, action plan and schedule
  • We set up the new site, from choosing and acquiring the site and machinery to recruiting the future site manager and permanent team
  • Technical and legal aspects: we took care of the administrative authorization process and industrial licenses, harmonization and integration of information systems, optimization of quality control, etc.


  • The site was set up successfully with a permanent on-site team
  • The first orders were delivered nearly two months before the target date
  • Production was regularly ramped up
  • Better non-compliance rate than that set by the group