A management audit assesses how well the company’s Executive Team is aligned with its strategy.

At the CEO’s request, Eurosearch & Associés carries out management audits to assess the performance and organization of the Executive Team, and suggest areas for improvement at three levels: individual, team and organization.

Our approach examines whether senior managers and the Executive Team are capable of achieving targets set by the corporate strategy, and therefore of delivering the anticipated performance.

Stages in a management audit:

  • Setting of objectives and themes to be covered, definition of appraisal benchmarks
  • Information gathering and in-depth interviews conducted by two partners
  • On the basis of our audit, development of our recommendations including:
    • Ensuring senior managers and the Executive Team are working in line with the strategy, mode of governance, organization and mode of operation
    • The potential for people and structures to evolve as changes are made
    • Concrete proposals for actions and operational implementation
    • Presentation of the assignment report and conclusions
  • Action plan and monitoring of implementation
  • A management audit enables shareholders and the Executive Team to gain time (up to 12 months) in order to optimize the company’s leadership and improve its chances of success.