The purpose of a governance review is to assess whether a company’s governance is in line with its long-term transformation objectives.

At the shareholders’ request, Eurosearch & Associés carries out governance reviews in order to assess how well the current governance is managing, steering and sustaining the strategy implemented by the operational Executive Team, in the company’s best interests and in line with its project. We suggest areas for improvement at various levels: organization of the governance, profiles of Board members and Executive Directors, succession plan, civic responsibility.

The stages of a governance review:

  • Setting of objectives and themes to be covered, definition of appraisal benchmarks
  • Information gathering and in-depth interviews with Board members, Executive Directors and operational Executive Team members, conducted by two partners
  • On the basis of our audit, development of our recommendations including:
    • The necessary leadership profile within the various organs of governance
    • The composition of the Board
    • The organization of the corporate governance and the sharing of responsibilities
    • Succession plans
    • Restitution of conclusions
    • Action plan and monitoring of implementation

A corporate governance audit enables the shareholders to know whether they have sufficient means at their disposal to steer the operational Executive Team efficiently and ensure the company’s long-term sustainability.