Eurosearch & Associés has been supporting both traditional and hi-tech industry for forty years, and this sector represents one of our foremost specializations.

Your problems 

  • The culture of an industry is not determined by the nature of its product so much as its technologies and their constraints: round-the-clock operation, processes, mass production, batch production, make-to-order production; OEM, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.
  • The globalization of the trade of industrial products on international markets, as well as their design and production in a globalized economy.
  • The increasingly strategic aspect of the ability to innovate and manage the supply chain for the competitiveness of an industry.

Global exchanges of industrial products have never been so high. In the global economy, exports are often designed and produced overseas, so an industry’s ability to compete depends on its capacity to innovate and control its supply chain.

Our solutions

We work in all of the major sectors of French excellence: defense and aeronautics, railway and automotive construction, electricity, electronics and components, mechanics, iron and steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, energy.

A number of our partners are fully qualified engineers and have held managerial and governance positions at the highest levels in business and industry.

This gives us the ability to find our way around any technical profession, with its particular demands, in a short space of time. We also share the sector’s values of competitiveness, discipline and organization, humility, responsiveness and transformation.

Industry is about men and women believing in technical progress and teamwork.

We advise industrial companies, often market leaders in their field, on management resources.  We work with their shareholders and Directors to upgrade their management resources in all types of situation, to support growth or transformation in the company, but also to overcome a crisis, in France and internationally (in association with the ECI Group network which covers three continents).

Partners: Contact Vincent Terrasson,  Pierre-Dominique Henry,  Frédérique Genton