With over twenty years’ experience in care services and healthcare more generally, Eurosearch & Associés has played a significant role in transforming these markets.

Your problems

The rise of digital, the need to control healthcare costs, changes in regulations, the structuring of the market around larger groups, and the increasing rarity of profiles are all factors that are changing the healthcare economy.

Our solutions

We forge long-term relations to support private clinic groups, laboratories and medical equipment manufacturers.

Our experience allows us to offer value-added services to strengthen boards, recruit Executive Teams for groups that are specially tuned to the needs of the healthcare sector, and find talented profiles, which are becoming increasingly rare due to the serious lack of surgical and medical specializations.

By combining detailed market knowledge with a tailored approach to the client’s issues, we are able to understand their challenges in order to offer the best recruitment guidance and preserve the client’s competitive edge.

As a dedicated team in permanent contact with the market, the people and the organizations, we can act fast in a sector in which the success of a Group or establishment is largely based on the technical and personal capacity of the senior managers to work effectively with surgeons and doctors.

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