Agri-food and consumer goods

The agri-food and consumer goods sector constitutes a center of excellence at Eurosearch & Associés. With extensive experience gained over more than 40 years, we work with our clients to analyze their challenges and advise them on how to upgrade their management resources.

Your problems

This sector is usually regarded as fairly recession-proof, but is also seeing far-reaching, occasionally dramatic, change:

  • Volatile commodity prices, especially in agriculture, intensified by financial and geopolitical speculation
  • The power wielded by a small number of big chains, the need to boost national brands in order to level the playing field, the double-edged alternative of the own brand, the use of channels such as non-home food services and B2B, and even the creation of completely separate distribution circuits
  • The need to build a relationship with the customer community, to use the shopping experience as a differentiating factor
  • The internationalization, or rather, multinationalization, of markets
  • The increasing sophistication of the supply chaina
  • The search for external growth opportunities and the race to market share and economies of scale
  • Numerous succession difficulties in companies that are still family-owned

Our solutions

Our excellent knowledge of the issues affecting this sector allows us to support the shareholders and Directors of these companies to strengthen their management resources in all situations, to support a company through growth or transformation, and also to overcome a crisis.

Our assignments in the agri-food industry involve the meat and poultry sector, wines and spirits, milling, baking, dairy, oils and condiments, and ready meals.

In the field of consumer goods in general, our assignments involve the cosmetics industry, drugstore goods, stationery and office supplies, electrical appliances, etc.

With our partners at ECI Group, we support our clients’ international growth.

Partners: contact Jean-Michel Jamet,  Philippe Laverne, Alexandra Droullé