An executive interim management and governance assignment involves taking on both the corporate governance and/or operational management of a company (with or without executive power) or one of its departments, at short notice (within a few days).

This takes place as follows:

  • Appoint the selected executive under our supervision or C-level expert for an agreed time period with flexible working hours
  • Take immediate control and implement crisis response
  • Carry out an audit to identify problem areas
  • Propose an action plan, a business plan and a timetable
  • Launch the agreed action plan with indicators, apply proven methods, and identify appropriate corrective actions
  • Present regular status reports throughout the assignment
  • Hand over responsibility at the end of the assignment
  • Present regular status updates throughout the assignment

Executive interim management assignments can be contracted for all operational and functional activities of a company in any sector of activity including non-executive Chairman, CEO, CFO, Secretary General, VP HR, COO, CIO, VP Supply Chain, VP Sales and Marketing, and VP Manufacturing.

Typical emergencies that may require executive interim management solutions:

  • Unplanned, short-term replacements
  • Turnarounds
  • Crisis situations
  • Transformation management
  • Redeployment (e.g. relocation, change of strategy)
  • Restructuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sale or succession
  • Winding down a business