Transforming the business

How can you develop and improve your business model, and refocus your strategy to reflect changes on your markets? How can you go international? Or achieve successful digital transformation? 

To support you through such changes, Eurosearch & Associés works with you, whether you are a shareholder or Director, to create a trusting, long-term relationship, based on a confidential and thorough line of questioning.

We use an in-depth analysis of the human and managerial impacts of transformation, but also of drivers and obstacles in relation to change within the company, to consider with you how to strengthen your management resources based on our experience of transformation.

Does the Executive Team have the skills required to lead the planned changes? Who, internally, can you work with to achieve this transformation quickly? What do you need in terms of advice and execution? How can you convince the shareholders and obtain their support? For all these issues, we can offer the combined experience of our associates and our high-level connections to put in place and manage the people, structure and solutions that will lead to change.

A few examples of our work:

  • Merger
  • Introducing a new business model
  • Creating a digital department
  • Industrial expansion overseas
  • Strengthening the strategic expertise of the Board of Directors by bringing in an external Board member

Client case studies

Ensuring continuity of operations and structure a subsidiary



  • French mid-cap established some forty years ago, which designs and manufactures equipment parts
  • Revenues of more than €100 million
  • Workforce of over 1,000 across several sites in France and internationally, including one in Eastern Europe

The Chairman and founder was retiring and sold most of his capital to an investment fund, which appointed a new CEO to take operational control.

The Eastern Europe subsidiary, which accounted for 20% of revenues and employed nearly half of the workforce, did not have a reliable management control or reporting system.

When the takeover was announced, the subsidiary’s regional Director, who had held the position for more than 15 years, handed in his resignation. His departure posed a threat to the future of the business. The company urgently needed to find a replacement to maintain continuity of operations and complete the restructuring that was underway.

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

The group’s CEO, supported by the investment fund, asked Eurosearch & Associés to find an Interim Executive Director who could replace the regional Director.

Selection and presentation of the Interim Executive Director:

  • We worked with the group’s CEO to draw up a roadmap for the project
  • Eurosearch & Associés chose a project Director in situ: a French engineer who had held positions of responsibility in manufacturing for more than 15 years, in France and Eastern Europe. He spoke three languages (French, English and the local language) and had lived for more than 10 years in the country
  • We introduced the CEO to the on-site project Director and the assignment Director, a Eurosearch & Associés partner and specialist in this type of industrial operation, who would provide remote oversight and support

Implementation and monitoring of the assignment by Eurosearch & Associés over four months:

  • We ensured operational continuity
  • We finalized the industrial restructuring underway
  • We put in place management control and reporting systems
  • We carried out an audit and proposed an action plan
  • We supported the implementation of the chosen plan
  • We managed and resolved unforeseen difficulties such as an unsolicited takeover offer for the subsidiary, the sudden departure of the group’s founding Chairman and the shut-down of information systems…


  • The executive interim management process took place according to the roadmap and schedule
  • At the end of four months, the Interim Executive Director was appointed regional Director and Executive Director of the subsidiary