Recruitment of a Chief Information Officer


Recruitment of Chief Information Offier in the insurance sector 

Issues : Supporting growth, Transforming the business
Sectors : Financial services
Services : Executive Search


  • Medium-sized insurance company, leader in its market, growing and in the course of transformation, particularly digital
  • New strategic plan with evolution of business model from B2B to B2B2C
  • Company having suffered disappointments with IS service providers
  • No internal replacement in order to be proactive and undertake IS and particularly digital transformation projects with the right client orientation

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • Understanding the key elements in the strategic plan with the leading role of the IS
  • Meeting with the few key directors to refine the technical, operational and managerial expectations for the new CIO
  • Targeted search in the insurance sector and the leading organisational and IS consulting firms
  • Identification of companies from the sector as examples in terms of digital transformation
  • Direct approach to identified professionals


  • Presentation of the first candidates within 6 weeks
  • Presentation of a range of solutions allowing the client to refine their need, their organisation, the priorities for actions, the positioning of the new CIO
  • Directing the recruitment process to maintain the right pace and motivation in a candidate market, with strong competition for remuneration
  • Special attention given to the personal qualities of the CIO, given the challenges of transforming the managerial dynamic
  • Client having deepened their consideration and, in a position to make a decision from a situation of choice
  • Given the challenges, remuneration of the CIO recruited at a level higher than that which had been envisioned at the start