Recruitment of an international Industrial Director


To recruit, in order to replace the previous postholder, the Chief Operating Officer of a group under LBO, undergoing a very strong external growth phase, both in France and internationally

Issues : Supporting growth, Transforming the business
Sectors : Others
Services : Executive Search


  • Leading agri-food group in its market, under LBO, undergoing strong external growth in France and internationally
  • A Chief Executive Officer, called to step back and focus on strategy and growth implements split top management positions. One of the two Deputy Managing Directors, in charge of industrial operations, supply chain, purchasing and quality, chooses to leave the company, on good terms
  • Need to strengthen the senior management team with a new Deputy Managing Director in charge of Operations

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • In 8 weeks, Eurosearch & Associés presents four potential candidates, perfectly qualified for the post
  • Discussions are entered into with one of the candidates who finally withdraws to take up a top international post in the group he used to work for. The depth of the shortlist provided by Eurosearch enables discussions to resume with another, British candidate, whose technical strength and also resolutely international career will be a decisive asset for implementation of the Group’s build-up strategy
  • At the same time, the group is acquiring a sound French SME, headed by the perfect candidate for COO
  • The candidate presented by Eurosearch is then offered a post as International Industrial Director where he can put his proven ability to work internationally, creating links and synergies between different factories, at the service of the group


  • Thanks to its intimate knowledge of the agri-food sector, Eurosearch was able to quickly present four high-level candidates, perfectly qualified for the post
  • The quality of this shortlist made it possible to adapt to changing needs over the course of events, sometimes in a radical way, as external growth operations were carried out