Recruitment of a Medical Director for a medical device laboratory


Structure an entire department that is essential for the company’s expansion within the laboratory sector

Issues : Transforming the business, Supporting growth
Sectors : Industry
Services : Executive Search


  • This SME designs, manufactures and distributes medical devices throughout ten countries
  • Under an LBO, the company wants to continue with its international expansion
  • Rates pressure and the regulatory context are accelerating concentrations in this sector
  • It now becomes imperative to structure the R & D department to provide the necessary expertise and a better efficiency in the decision-making chain within the company
  • Executive management also expects the Medical Director to have sufficient scientific expertise to contribute to future strategic directions

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • Eurosearch & Associés meets the head of clinical studies and relationships with the medical profession who holds the position for 20 years. His journey, his vision of the future and the potential obstacles to the implementation of the new project are discussed
  • Identification of targets with the very specific profile sought
  • Explanation to potential candidates the nature of the challenges and the specific recruitment context
  • Great attention iss paid to their reistance to stress, their ability to move out of a very matrix organization for a more empowering environment, and their persuasiveness in triggering cultural change


  • Presentation of a strong short-list of 3 candidates recognised in their sector as seasoned professionals. Executive management team supported and given aid with narrowing down their choice
  • Recruitment done 3 months ahead of schedule
  • Support when candidate started the position regarding transformation of this role and changing size of the company