Recruitment of a Managing Director for a start-up


Recruit an entrepreneur to create and develop a start-up funded by a media group based on knowledge of customer experience in retail

Issues : Supporting growth
Sectors : Others
Services : Executive Search


  • The Chair of a media group wished to create a start-up funded by his company to develop a new CRM solution for property companies in shopping centres. The services envisaged make it possible to reconstitute customer experience and help provide a better understanding of shoppers in order to then stimulate both, in a tailored and effective manner. This activity would complement other activities carried out by the group
  • A competitor analysis was performed on the subject and it helped demonstrate that there is currently no player in France offering relevant and comprehensive solutions. Moreover, reduced retail footfall means that property companies are interested in the issue
  • The technology and process that would make it possible to recover data were defined
  • The Chair needed to find a Managing Director who was a true entrepreneur – intrapreneur, even – associated with capital to develop the start-up: define the BP, create the product, test the solution, develop the offer, manage business development, change the model if necessary, recruit, steer the company, etc.
  • The Managing Director would be the only one responsible for the company’s results, but would be surrounded by administrators with a high added value, including an entrepreneur and a retail manager who would provide help and advice to ensure that plans are successful

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • Eurosearch & Associés targeted potential candidates among former start-up entrepreneurs in CRM, Directors of Development/Sales and Marketing in CRM consulting companies dealing with data, digital agencies and consumer loyalty/promotion, as well as Directors/Managers of CRM/Digital development/Consumer Loyalty in companies renowned for their expertise in the field
  • We chose individuals able to take ownership of such a project in its entirety and who demonstrated indisputable commercial skills, the ability to deliver and a strong focus on outcome
  • A number of candidates withdrew; entrepreneurs usually prefer that the initial idea should come from them, others were afraid to leave well-established companies for a tempting but risky venture, while others yet were uncomfortable with the world of property companies


  • Nevertheless, several candidates were quickly presented, and the Chair chose the one he considered would be capable of delivering results for the company
  • The solution was planned rather than completed, but the recruited Managing Director was quick to dive into the first part of the development while the needs of the property companies were refined. The new Managing Director’s fighting spirit and desire to achieve results helped move the project forward. Goals were readjusted, as happens with all start-ups, and the Chair was delighted to have found a trustworthy individual to make what was initially only an idea come true