Recruitment of a Head of Legal Affairs


Replacement of a Head of Legal Affairs

Issues : Supporting growth, Transforming the business
Sectors : Financial services
Services : Executive Search


  • Leading financial services company
  • Implementation of a new strategic plan for growth and development to move from B2B into B2B2C
  • Need to develop the legal department beyond its classic role of risk management
  • Need for a Head of Legal Affairs who is more involved in the business, product life, and customer and distributor services

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • Review of the current legal structure with the Managing Director
  • Identification of new needs, both technical and behavioural
  • Definition of a target legal structure
  • Drafting of a description of functions
  • Creation of a list of target companies
  • Direct contact with Heads of Legal Affairs engaged in similar activities and who have worked in situations involving growth or transformation
  • Assignment carried out in a confidential manner, with NDA signed by the interviewed candidates
  • Presentation of a choice of 4 candidates within 6 weeks, allowing the client to adjust their needs
  • Support for the client and the candidates during interviews
  • Assessment of the prospective candidate’s personality and behaviour
  • Support for the client and the candidate in devising the pay package
  • Reference check
  • Attention given to the roadmap for taking up the position
  • Follow-up with the client and the candidate during the integration period


  • The legal department quickly restored its legitimacy within the company and in the eyes of its partners, with closer involvement in the business and a focus on service
  • Active contribution from the new Head of Legal Affairs within the Executive Committee
  • The legal team became more efficient thanks to better leadership and management from the new Head of Legal Affairs