Recruitment of a Director in a mid-cap business to secure its development in North Africa


Recruitment of a bicultural Director

Issues : Overcoming a crisis, Supporting growth
Sectors : Industry


  • French mid-cap business buying a majority stake in a local family-owned SME in North Africa following an industrial production crisis
  • Mid-cap business under threat in terms of its European distribution agreements and procurements
  • Local SME is making a loss within a growing market
  • Tension is growing among the majority and local shareholders
  • Mid-cap business is unfamiliar with the country’s political and economic environment which would enable it to secure its investment
  • Urgent need to put an organisation in place in order to secure investment and to develop from a sound basis.

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • Eurosearch & Associés advises the Chairman to hire a Director in order to improve operational piloting of local key functions
  • Search for a high level Director
  • Director’s assignments:
    • bridge the cultural gap between local and European managerial practices
    • secure the group’s investment from any potential destabilising attempts by local political and economic authorities


  • French mid-cap business opens up its Board of Directors to a fully bicultural and local top-level director coming from an international group. This person has a solid track record in management of an industrial company, as well as a wide network with local political and economic authorities.
  • Chairman of the mid-cap business discusses all subjects relating to the subsidiary on a regular basis
  • Board of Directors now has a good understanding of background for making the right decisions
  • Mid-cap mother company has found a reasonable exit way for the longstanding local shareholders
  • Subsidiary is now respected within the market. It is no longer subject to destabilising attempts by local players
  • Mid-cap business consolidates commercial agreements
  • Subsidiary is now experiencing profitable growth.