Recognised charitable organisation Improvement of Governance operations


Proposing best governance practices between the Chairman and the Managing Director

Issues : Supporting growth, Transforming the business
Sectors : Others
Services :


  • Charity under transformation of organisation
  • Requirement to define ways to split decision-making between the Chairman and the General Manager
  • Set out long-term governance operating methods to create sustainable confidence
  • Help the charity improve its performance
  • Improve its image, both internally and with stakeholders

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • Collection and analysis of existing documents (statutes, power of attorney, reporting, decision-making reports, etc.).
  • Confidential and individual meetings with each relevant person (Chief of Staff, General Manager, Chairman, etc.).


  • A draft governance chart is drawn up setting out the operational rules between the Chairman and the General Manager
  • Identification of major risks
  • Formalisation of best practices, taking into consideration:
    • the charity nature of the project
    • the defined role of the different governing bodies
    • the administrative organisation around the senior management and Chairman
    • the relationship between the Chairman and Managing Director within this context
    • the existing decision-making process
  • Summary chart enabling future initiatives to be monitored, with impact indicators