Marketing Management/Digital Transformation of services in a media group


Reshape the methodology of creating, launching and marketing client-centric and digital advertising services in a large press group

Issues : Transforming the business
Sectors : Others
Services : Executive Interim Management


  • The advertising sales of a highly renowned press group were lagging in growth, much like its competitors’
  • The press group had not yet managed to sufficiently digitalise its services and market them
  • Against this background, the managers asked Eurosearch & Associés to support them with the digitalisation of their services and the assessment of their marketing teams in the main business units, organised by market sector

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • Eurosearch & Associés created a team made up of an Executive Interim Manager and Project Manager, both with an in-depth knowledge of these issues
  • An assessment report was performed and an action plan was put in place, with the view to developing a client-centric marketing strategy for the various business units involved
  • Each BU learnt the methodology and POC at different speeds, depending on the maturity of the Marketing and Sales teams in place
  • Certain services began to be marketed, while others were put on hold to allow teams to develop their skills


  • Step by step, from launching the POC to marketing to the later change in direction, the methodology was widely implemented and the client-centric strategy was understood
  • The managers were able to assess teams’ skill levels in each BU and will now be able to counter any disparities through more suitable recruitment in the future
  • The assignment’s timescale made it impossible to implement the methodology in all the BUs, which means that teams already in place will be responsible for continuing its implementation