Management review as part of a mid-cap family-owned business’ transformation


Management review and organization consulting as part of a mid-cap family-owned business’ transformation and growth

Issues : Supporting growth, Transforming the business
Services : Leadership Consulting


  • Regional family-owned business with several hundred employees, producing and distributing premium agri-food products throughout France
  • Corporate change to support an ambitious program of diversification and international growth
  • Two-fold analysis of both the current employees and the organization

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

Eurosearch & Associés assessed the entire Executive Committee:

  • We analyzed résumés and personality questionnaires, which were completed ahead of the interviews
  • Eurosearch & Associés partners met nine key people – either members of the Executive Committee or high-potential individuals – in in-depth interviews
  • We wrote up individual assessments
  • We assessed collective expertise with regard to the strategy to be implemented
  • We observed the team dynamics
  • We devised a medium-term optimal organization chart, as well as short-term organization scenarios incorporating current employees
  • We supported the CEO in the choice of the short-term scenario, and in the substantiated presentation to each member of his Executive Team
  • We established the descriptions of newly created or vacant job positions


  • A target organization scenario that was clear and shared, in line with the company strategy
  • Members of the Executive Team were able to plan for the short term in a specific and convincing organization, both individually and collectively
  • An operational recruitment plan for newly created or vacant job positions