Remuneration benchmark for an executive team


Review of the remuneration of an executive team to secure the shareholder

Issues : Supporting growth
Sectors : Others
Services : Leadership Consulting


  • Arrival of a new shareholder to implement an ambitious development plan for the company, in France and abroad
  • Highly renowned company providing B2B services with expertise in its markets
  • Profound changes in the market, with the appearance of investment funds in the sector that use the latest technology
  • Underlying tension between the new shareholder and the key managers, with diva-like behaviour
  • A need for the shareholder to be reassured regarding remuneration conditions, with a thorough knowledge of market practices for a few key positions
  • A need to obtain accurate information on the content of positions as well as the levels and components of remuneration, yearly and deferred (Long Term Incentive Plan)

Eurosearch & Associés involvement

  • Drawing up a structured questionnaire
  • Creating a limited list of companies on the market
  • Thanks to E&A’s image and visibility with the managers
    • Reaching out to the managers of these companies
    • Face-to-face or telephone interview, with an undertaking of confidentiality and a form of restitution
    • Additional interviews with a number of professionals holding certain key positions, with the same commitments of confidentiality and restitution
  • Engaging with a Partner and an Analyst
  • Study performed over two months


  • Submission of the Remuneration Study to the client, all the while respecting confidentiality requirements vis-à-vis the companies approached
  • Comparative presentations for each key position:
    • On the different contents of key positions
    • On the components of yearly and deferred remuneration
  • Short-term and medium-term analyses and recommendations
  • Client ready to:
    • Implement the necessary remuneration changes for the team in place
    • Contain the claims of professionals who exhibit diva-like behaviour
    • Have a competitive remuneration policy
    • Attract and keep good professionals to achieve the goals of the ambitious development plan in France and abroad